BANANAS FOR LUNCH! by Jim Centorino
Portraits of America
Jim Centorino
Jim Centorino
Program -
1. Mr. Pelican's Pizza Party 2:21   9. Nanda The Panda 2:49
2 Fuego Brasil (The Tree Frog) 3:26   10. Hippo Skippo 3:58
3. The Wacky Woodpecker 2:28   11. If a Giraffe Could Laugh 3:08
4. Ellie the Elephant 2:42   12. Pepe the Toucan 3:01
5. Slick Willie (The Porcupine) 3:33   13. Shambala (The Tiger) 4:01
6. Penguins' Parade 3:02   14. Carnaval Tropical 3:58
7. Bananas For Lunch! 2:36   15 Hello, Little Mouse 3:05
8. Alligator Mama 3:47   16. Crystal Carousel 4:03
(Total Time: 51:58)

Instrumental Music by Jim Centorino

"This album is dedicated to the endangered and threatened animals and is intended to underscore their diginity and beauty." - Jim Centorino

ENGINEERS: Joe Crummey, Carmen Grillo, Rick Kraushaar, Kevan Patten, Nick Tancraitor
GUEST PERFORMERS: Carlos Atilano (guitar): Carnaval Tropical. Susan Centorino (vocals):
Giraffe, Rocco Damiano (Guitar): Alligator Mama, Carmen Grillo (guitar): Crystal Carousel
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jim Centorino, Susan Centorino
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jim Centorino. John Giordano. Tommy McGullam
LOGO: Jimmy Centorino
COVER: Photo of Tabora the Chimpanzee
All titles composed and performed by Jim Centorino.


This album is a collection of 16 original musical compositions, each musically descriptive of a different animal or group of animals, It is meant for children, but can be enjoyed by every listener. Its musical images are also perfect for educational use as background for ART, MUSIC, and LITERATURE classes.

The musical program varies from wacky to beautiful, as each song musically describes the animal or group of animals. Up-tempo, memorable melodies and rhythms capture the imagination and celebrate the beauty of each animal.
Cover Photo: Tabora, Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania.

1. "Mr. Pelican's Pizza Party" Endangered California brown pelicans scavenge for food and face constant peril from fishing lines and hooks.
2. "Fuego Brasil" The Alcatraz Snouted Tree Frog is indigenous to regions of Brazil which have been shrinking due to deforestation.
3. "The Wacky Woodpecker" The percussively expressive Red-Cockaded Woodpecker is indigenous to the southeastern US and is endangered due to habitat reduction.
4. "Ellie The Elephant" Native to Africa, India, and Asia, poaching for elephant feet and tusks have endangered all elephants.
5. "Slick Willie" The thin-spined porcupine of South America is endangered due to pollution and deforestation.
6. "Penguins Parade" Emperor penguins, native to Antarctica and Sub-antarctic Islands, are endangered from pollution and shrinking tee caps.
7. "Bananas For Lunch!" Chimpanzees, the closest relatives to humans, are endangered through poaching. Tabora, the album cover chimpanzee, lives in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania.
8. "Alligator Mama" Native to swamps in the southeast US, alligators can grow to be 10 feet long, can live up to 80 years in captivity and are now protected.
9. "Nanda The Panda" Pandas live mainly in preserves in China and are noted for their playfulness. They are endangered from habitat destruction.
10. "Hippo Skippo" is descriptive of a young hippo at play. Vulnerable, they are native to Africa. Because of their size, hippos spend much time in the water.
11. "If a Giraffe Could Laugh" Native to Africa, a giraffe is capable of consuming 75 pounds of food in a day. Its only predators are lions and humans.
12. "Pepe The Toucan" Native to the shrinking South American rainforests, this shy animal is also the loudest in the rainforest, using its cry to scare its enemies.
13. "Shambala" Tigers are endangered mainly because of hunting by humans.
14. "Carnaval Tropical" festively celebrates parrots, toucans, and macaws, colorful birds of the South American Rainforests. They are endangered due to the destruction of their habitat and are captured for sale as pets.
15.  "Hello, Little Mouse" The Southeastern Beach Mouse, indigenous to the Gulf Coasts of Florida and Georgia. is also endangered by pollution.
16. "Crystal Carousel" is a celebration of all the animals on this album.


From the sales of this album, Centorino Productions donates to organizations that protect or care for endangered and / or threatened animals.

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