SENIOR PROM by Jim Centorino


Set in a public high school in the 2000’s, SENIOR PROM features a love triangle between “A” student Toni, basketball star Tommy, and poor student Corrine. During the last semester of their senior year, the students are concerned with graduation, college, grades and their social lives. While Toni is focused on her college future and attaining and keeping fine grades, Tommy is also concerned with his grades but is equally focused on his basketball scholarship possibilities. The two are brought together in physics class, where they become romantically attracted.

Corrine plays the spoiler and pursues Tommy and, through deception, almost convinces him to take her to the senior prom. Eventually this reaches a head when he learns of her scheme and challenges her to dance with him in the cafeteria, in front of their friends. The dance is a furious and tension-filled tango, with Corrine finally spinning out of control and onto the floor, to the applause of the onlookers.

As Toni and Tommy finally realize that they are falling in love, Corrine has been caught defacing school property and stealing the book of locker combinations for the school. As a result, she is transferred out to finish her senior year somewhere else.

Toni, Tommy, and Corrine have friends whose comments and antics add to the spice and intrigue of the story.

In real life, Toni and Tommy are based on an actual couple, now married with children. Corrine is a combination of characters, as are the dean and other students in the musical. All the lines in the play and all the scenes are real, having occurred in my classrooms over the last four decades. As a result, this entire musical play is dedicated to all of them.

Original script, score, lyrics, music ©® by Jim Centorino. Instrumental music performed and recorded by Jim Centorino as a soundtrack. Property of Centorino Productions and Jim Centorino Music.


Will Riddle ("Tommy" and Zoe Manwiller ("Toni") sing the duet "How Will I Know?"
Ariana George ("Corrine") Plays Air Guitar
on "Always in the Hallways"

Jim Centorino with jar of student quotes. Photo by Sophie Nelson

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