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 Composer, writer, educator Jim Centorino and artist Susan Centorino offer a variety of products for enjoyment, entertainment and education.

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Music Albums

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Digital Downloads available at https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JimCentorino

***2024 RELEASE***

Celtic Dance

The Magic Fiddle of Donegal Bay
Irish Folk Single.

Sample (30 sec.)


"Sure the fiddler played on his fiddle that day,
A magical one, some might say,
And the Leprechauns gathered and had a fine time
Celebrating the evening away.
And they danced as they heard the fine fiddler play
On the music he fiddled that day,
A harmonious tune that would echo from that
Magic Fiddle of Donegal Bay."


 ***2023 RELEASE***

Eyes Of The Forest

World Jazz single.

Sample (30 sec.)


 ***2022 RELEASE***

Notes On A Triangle

Original classical music for cello and piano, clarinet and piano, based on the mathematical geometry of the 3-4-5 right triangle and the Golden Mean.

More Information

Sample: A Short Story (32 sec. 300kb mono)


*** 2020 RELEASE ***

Pizza Man Movie

PIZZA MAN movie made by and starring Leah De Leon, Grace Feitshans, Sarah O'Conor, and Sophie Wood.

Or go to YouTube: https://youtu.be/I_P5kKNfJ9c?si=flQhnqeCgwv9pu4t


*** 2018 RELEASE ***

Senior Prom

A collection of 17 original musical compositions.

More Information

Sample: Always In The Hallways (58 sec. 300kb mono)
featuring Ariana George, vocalist, and Carmen Grillo, guitar


*** 2012 RELEASE ***

Pizza Man  (Single)

Sample (30 sec.)


*** 2012 RELEASE ***

From The Heart  (Single)

Release By Susan Centorino.

Sample (30 sec.)


*** 2009 RELEASE ***

Bananas For Lunch!

A collection of 16 original musical compositions, each musically descriptive of a different animal or group of animals, It is meant for children, but can be enjoyed by every listener.

More Information

Sample: Mr. Pelican's Pizza Party (32 sec. 300kb mono)

Three Dreams

*** 2003 RELEASE ***

Three Dreams

A romantic odyssey for the soul, featuring all original romantic instrumentals with one vocal, "Song of the Albatross", as sung by Nicole Pryor.

More Information

Sample: Irish Lullabye (20 sec. 450kb mono)
Portraits of America

*** 2001 RELEASE ***

Portraits of America

A musical/visual journey through the U.S.A. from coast to coast. 15 original compositions including one vocal, "Going Home," as sung by Warren Wiebe and Amber Whitlock.

More Information

Sample: A Nantucket Sunset (20 sec. 450kb mono)
Footsteps C.D.

Footsteps in the Sand

Combining compositional talents, Jim Centorino and Carol Cole have produced a richly textured romantic odyssey. Carol's keyboard magic and Jim's impeccable trumpet work make their debut album a collection of beautiful and inspiring pieces which will be long remembered in their heart.

More Information

Sample: Ultimately Love (12 sec. 261k mono)

Youtube video by carlostrc, torreon, mexico. Or go to YouTube: http://youtu.be/aGbE-dztD3A




A unique album of instrumental music with 12 original compositions, each descriptive of a different endangered animal. Natural sounds of the animal and its habitat are artfully mixed in.


More Information

Sample: Black Gold (Rhino) (12 sec. 260k mono)


xmas C.D.

It's Christmas Everywhere

A festive collection of instrumental holiday favorites and original compositions.

More Information

Sample: Joy To The World (12 sec. 263k mono)


Digital Downloads available at https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JimCentorino
Congratulations to John and Etheljean Deal in their performance of my trumpet duets written for them: "Jack & Ef" and "Parallel Lines" performed at the Buglers' Hall Of Fame competition in Batavia, NY, where they received high scores and first place medals in 2023. Both are Bugler's Hall Of Fame members and excellent musicians.




Sheet Music

$10 includes shipping


$10 includes shipping




Piano Score & Cello Part - $8

Recorded on the album "Three Dreams" and the album "Notes On A Triangle."


Piano Score & Bb Clarinet Part - $8

Also available for Cello and Piano   
Recorded on the album "Notes On A Triangle."



 Six Preludes
    for Guitar
Classical Guitar Preludes - $5

Recorded on the album "Three Dreams."


Bugle/Trumpet Solos
 Bugle/Trumpet Solos - $5


 Three Pieces
    for Solo Flute
 Three Flute Solos - $3
 Recitative and Tempo di Valse
For Solo Trumpet and Piano

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Centorino Productions
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